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Clean Feeding Birdseed Mixes

Birds gulf coast clean feeding mixes

Birds aren't just being messy when they leave those piles of seeds under and around your outdoor birdfeeder. What they are doing is sort of the bird equivalent of a child hiding food they don't like under their plate. Those seeds they are tossing out are considered fillers. Fillers are inexpensive things like millet, milo and cracked corn that are used to make it look like you are getting a good deal on a big bag of birdseed. In reality, only a very small portion of the feed in the bag is comprised of the sunflower seeds, nuts and berries that the birds love. The best way to combat this problem is to look for clean feeding mixes (also known as zero-waste mixes) so that the birds in your yard will want to eat all of the ingredients found in the mix. This way you will be put on the top of their "eating out list" and you won't have to worry about piles of uneaten birdseed and hulls under your feeders. Then you can enjoy watching the birds without having to worry so much about the cleanup.

Birds Coastal Alabama zero-waste feed Wood pecker Gulf Shores Alabama




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